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Contact us to discuss the challenges you face, and how we can build a productive partnership.

We are passionate about solving real industry problems through engineering, design and innovation.
With the right partnership and resources, we believe we can help our partners thrive.


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Our product development and customer service principles

We are commited to great attention to detail, to address customer needs and to develop high quality products. We follow proven development methods and a customer centric approach.

Updevices. Análisis
Identifying customer needs, ideation

All problem solving starts with identifying current problems, and brainstorming solutions that address each of the customer pains.
This process often leads to simple, elegant solutions, seamlessly adopted by all parties involved, and in line with the company vision.

Updevices. Análisis
Technology validation and analysis

We solve technical challenges by identifying innovative technologies
and demonstrating their viability through mathematical models.

We keep the value proposition in mind for your business and for the end user, as well as the potential for protecting our technology with patents.

Updevices. Diseño
Design and Simulations

We design using the most versatile state of the art CAD, CAE, CDF and analytical simulation tools, to obtain the most rigorous designs, with the highest degree of certainty and lowest degree of risk possible.

Every design iteration and their development will be properly documented. Our process enables seamless technology transfer, traceability from specifications to design outputs, and a high quality end product.

Updevices. Desarrollo
Multidisciplinary science


We have experience in applied research and product development in a variety of technical fields. The combination of scientific prowess and practical, down to earth engineering and manufacturing, makes us uniquely capable of integrating complex technology into new devices.

Updevices. Prototipo
Functional Prototypes

We design and make functional prototypes at all stages of product development, from concept and technology validation through functional replicas of the final design.

We have 3D printers and lab skills to bring an idea to life in minutes.

We'd love to hear from you

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